Giant balloons

Giant Balloons Screen Printed

Giant balloons, ideal as an eyecatcher at fairs or similar events !!

We print giant latex balloons from 175 cm circumference (about 57 cm Ø) up to 450 cm circumference (about 155 cm Ø) in SCREEN PRINT quality from 1-sided 1 -coloured up to 2-sided 4-colored. Please note that 3-color imprints can only be calculated individually and may have to be compromised due to technical limitations. Furthermore, we also print on giant latex zeppelins 160 cm long and giant hearts made of latex with a circumference of 250 cm.

Die Mindeststückzahl liegt gerade einmal bei 5 Stück, also auch hervorragend geeignet für kleinere Anlässe.



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