Balloons without print

Promotional balloons without pressure

In our assortment we carry a large variety of plain colored, unprinted balloons in different sizes and colors. The choices range from the normal color palette to pastel colors to metallic shades.

In the menu item “Colors & Examples” we show you from which colors you can choose.

Depending on the settings of your PC / monitor, the colors may be slightly different and therefore different from the real balloon colors. If you want to be sure about your planning please ask for a balloon pattern.


Sales packaging

Our sales packaging can be realized according to your wishes, i. We pack the desired balloons – in combination with accessories – into a blanco polybag incl. 4C printed cardboard rider with Euro hole or a 4C printed inlay. Alternatively, we print the front of the polybag with your design and / or the back with warning and storage information.



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