Balloon Equipment

Balloon accessories

We stock a wide range of balloon accessories for you:

– Pumps big and small, electric and manual
– Balloon support rods made of plastic and copper
– Balloon closures for decoration and with polyband for filling with helium / balloon gas
– Balloon trees
– balloon garlands (finished, small garlands for small decorations)
– Filling devices for latex and foil balloons, etc

Almost all our accessories are Made in Germany or at least Made in Europe.

We can also deliver the largest quantities in the shortest possible time.



Balloon pumps

The electric balloon pump ‘BP003’ is ideal for private use as well as commercial use with multiple locations or branches. It is priced especially interesting.

Special attention should be paid to the ‘BP004’ model with built-in timer for ideal air dosing. A useful tool especially for decorators and the upscale application. Classics in our range are the electric balloon sponge ‘Geo’ as well as our hand pumps ‘HP / small’ and ‘HP / large’.







We supply reusable and disposable containers helium / balloon gas throughout Germany.

In our service for reusable containers is basically the transfer via TNT, freight or gas taxi included, as well as the collection after 30 days (from the 31st day we have per container and each Day 1.00 € calculate rent).

Please note that here the cheapest per piece filling price is obtained from the largest container and the most expensive from the smallest container.




Patented time-of-flight extender – your latex balloons last up to 25 times longer! A latex balloon filled with air or balloon gas responds to temperature fluctuations, i. e.g. filled inside, but decorated outside (at temperature loss), the balloon will lose volume, which will be filled after a few hours or outdoors at lower temperatures than indoor, and the balloons will increase in volume, i. the balloons burst. By preparing with Hifloat, the latex balloon gets a second inner skin and becomes more resistant, i. much more durable.


Using Hifloat

Step 1: Completely inflate the balloons once and let the air escape completely.

Step 2: Prepare the balloons with the Hifloat, massage the Hifloat well into the latex balloon.

Step 3: Refill the balloons with air or gas.

Step 4: Enjoy the latex balloons for a long time, up to 4 weeks!



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