We can match any product or figure made of nylon or PVC.

There is the possibility to reconstruct flying objects, i. these would be filled with balloon gas / helium to produce the desired buoyancy, or so-called standing objects, which are either filled once with air and refilled after loss of air (anchors or suspension constructions necessary) or as e.g. Skydancers or inflatables with permanent cold air blower.

Supplied with: case, on-line, filler hose, repair kit and instructions. Mode of PVC (Vinyl) – 0,18mm thick.

Recommended minimum sizes for outdoor use: Airship Balloons 3 meters in diameter and Airship Zeppel 6 meters long.

Caption / Printing: Printing may optimally be done digitally. So there are only a few restrictions on the subject. The label made of foil has a slight disadvantage in terms of design: an absolutely fold- and bubble-free attachment can not be guaranteed. In general, however, this is so minimal that no optical flaw arises. If required we can also offer painting and airbrushing. Screen printing is usually unprofitable for the given large areas. Only with a purchase quantity of 20 pieces this becomes profitable. An accurate calculation for the labels is only possible after the original has been viewed.

These products can only be calculated individually.


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